Mee t Melissa M. Johnson

I am no expert. I’ve messed up more times than I can count. But I’ve learned a few things along the way that have helped me mess up less, and to get back up more quickly when I fall. I like to help others grow in the same ways. I see possibility in people even before they believe in it themselves. I see such potential and a bright future for you. 

So who am I? I’m a child of God. I’m perfectly imperfect. I’m bright and sparkly and full of positive energy and toffee nut lattes. I’m the founder and CEO of Oh My Cupcakes!, Sweet Cream Candle Co., and Melissa J. Creative. Each one of my businesses are built with intention: We create beautiful things that bring people joy. Whether through cupcakes, candles, or words, that’s what I aim to do every day.

My background is in broadcast media and communications. For well over a decade, I was Metal Melissa on 103.7 the KRRO, Melissa Riggs on Lite 92.5 KELO-FM, Frankie on Hot 104.7, and plain ol’ Melissa on KIKN 100.5 I loved my time interacting with listeners and growing an appreciation for great music at the different stations up and down the radio dial. 

Today, in addition to being an entrepreneur and business owner, I’m a keynote speaker with both Melissa J Creative and the Jon Gordon Companies, where I'm a Power of Positive Leadership certified speaker and trainer. I find my purpose in helping people discover and engage their own greatest gifts. I teach writing workshops and retreats through Melissa J Creative, giving women (and men!) the tools to spend intentional time digging deep and reflecting on the past so they can spring into a positive future. My mission in life? Spreading the message of empowerment and growth with a positive mindset. 

I bring my best to the table with every client, delivering dynamic and electrifying keynotes and trainings. I strive to engage and relate to audiences with personal stories, a bit of humor and a warm and approachable spirit that moves people to their own lightbulb moments of understanding. 

I’m honored to frequently appear on panels presenting on: building phenomenal company cultures, women's business ownership, positive leadership, and adopting and parenting children who come from hard places. That’s another facet of my multi-faceted life: I’m an adoptive parent of a child with challenges resulting from her past trauma and abuse. I’m passionate about becoming a more trauma-informed society and advocating for these kiddos who have come from challenging backgrounds.

People have said I’ve "just got a presence about me." It’s my genuine desire to inspire and uplift, leaving people better than I found them. I currently serve on the Volunteers of America Foundation board, the Children's Home Society of SD Programming board where I chair the Culture and Leadership Committee, and the Avera Philanthropy Council.

I was born and raised in Northwest Iowa and have lived within a 30 mile radius my entire life. That being said, I thrive on traveling and learning about our beautiful world. I’m a blessed mother to four children, three dogs, and one very disagreeable cat. I’d love to connect with you soon! 

With blessings and gratitude,