Melissa J. is...


Inspiring you to leverage what you learn and become more of who you are.

Melissa J. is...


Inspiring you to leverage what you learn and become more of who you are.

Writing Retreat

Burned out from the noisy world and its unending demands? Maybe you just need a little respite, a moment to catch your breath, and time to reflect. Let your soul sigh and give your spirit the gift of a Writing Retreat. Reserve your space for the next all-inclusive retreat coming January 8-10. 


Melissa is a dynamic speaker and a compassionate teacher. She doesn’t have all the answers, but she’ll share insight from her journey, talk about what’s worked, and make you laugh along the way. Bring Melissa to your next women’s event, corporate retreat, or adoption and parenting conference. 


New book coming late 2022! Melissa’s book Fingers in the Frosting is the story of one business’ journey from tiny home-kitchen dream to brand-leading, multi-location treat company. Filled with encouragement, humor, and an actionable, step-by-step dream-building plan.


First business? Home daycare at age eighteen. Business ventures since then? Many. Melissa loves inspiring the upstart dreamers, encouraging the weary longtime owners, and helping those in between discover what’s next. 

Hi, I’m Melissa

I don’t have all the answers. But I can help you ask the right questions so you can discover them for yourself. 

Discovery can be hard. But curiosity can be a game-changer. 

My life purpose is to use my skills, experiences, and talents to help people. To grow myself through my vocation as well as by seeking new opportunities for personal growth. To help encourage hurting women, ensuring them that no matter their circumstances or their past, they can grow into beautiful, strong, and empowered women.

With purpose and intensity I race towards my goals. I race, and yet mark out a steady and specific path to achieve those goals with integrity and diligence. Allowing no distraction to divert me from my path, I turn my face and heart nearer towards Christ, as I know that He is the ultimate finish line. 


Inspiring Speaker

Learn for a lifetime. Tell your story. Speak with authenticity. Lead with love. 

Speaking Topics

Melissa has founded five businesses in ten years. She’s an adoptive parent to a child with multiple challenges. She’s an empowerer and encourager of women. She’s failed. She’s gotten back up. And she speaks about it all.

Leadership and Growth

Curiosity and Learning

Adoption and Parenting

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurship is celebrated, but leadership has staying power. Melissa has started businesses and kept them going when others have faltered. Learn what she says it takes not just to survive but thrive.

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Fingers in the Frosting

New book Lifelong Learner coming soon! Get Melissa’s first book, Fingers in the Frosting, here.


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